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.parents() orders each tier of results back-to-front #4

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Not sure if this counts as a bug, but when finding parents of a collection of more than one element the resulting collection has the parents in a back-to-front order at each tier. e.g

<div class="div1"><span></span></div><div class="div2"><span></span></div>

$("span").parents() // [div2, div1, body, html]
                    // expected [div1, div2, body, html]

Test case:
Original ticket:

Team notes

This is by design , but the docs should mention it.


The bug ticket referenced above addresses the issue of the elements being returned from most closely nested to highest-level ancestor, but it doesn't mention the fact that sibling elements are returned backwards. Maybe this needs to go back in as a core bug separate from the above-referenced issue.

Also updated the fiddle example, as there was some incorrect markup (<p> tags not getting closed):

@dmethvin dmethvin closed this in c1c9fc9
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