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5723b40 @scottgonzalez Added .removeClass().
scottgonzalez authored
1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
2 <entry name="removeClass" type="method" return="jQuery">
3 <title>.removeClass()</title>
4 <desc>Removes the specified class(es) from each of the set of matched elements while animating all style changes.</desc>
5 <longdesc>
571eae1 @scottgonzalez Moved common class animation descripiton into includes.
scottgonzalez authored
6 <xi:include href="../includes/class-animation-desc.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
4440d56 @scottgonzalez Created include for note about methods that override core methods.
scottgonzalez authored
7 <xi:include href="../includes/core-extension-desc.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
5723b40 @scottgonzalez Added .removeClass().
scottgonzalez authored
8 </longdesc>
9 <signature>
10 <argument name="className" type="String">
544a969 @scottgonzalez Class animations: Specify that multiple class names must be space sep…
scottgonzalez authored
11 <desc>One or more class names (space separated) to be removed from the class attribute of each matched element.</desc>
5723b40 @scottgonzalez Added .removeClass().
scottgonzalez authored
12 </argument>
13 <xi:include href="../includes/animation-argument-duration.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
14 <xi:include href="../includes/animation-argument-easing.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
15 <xi:include href="../includes/animation-argument-complete.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
16 </signature>
8a15d1b @tjvantoll Class Animation: Document alternative object hash based signature. Fi…
tjvantoll authored
17 <signature>
18 <argument name="className" type="String">
19 <desc>One or more class names (space separated) to be removed from the class attribute of each matched element.</desc>
20 </argument>
21 <xi:include href="../includes/class-animation-argument-options.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
22 </signature>
5723b40 @scottgonzalez Added .removeClass().
scottgonzalez authored
23 <example>
24 <desc>Removes the class "big-blue" from the matched elements.</desc>
25 <css><![CDATA[
26 div {
27 width: 100px;
28 height: 100px;
29 background-color: #ccc;
30 }
31 .big-blue {
32 width: 200px;
33 height: 200px;
34 background-color: #00f;
35 }
36 ]]></css>
37 <html><![CDATA[
38 <div class="big-blue"></div>
39 ]]></html>
40 <code><![CDATA[
41 $( "div" ).click(function() {
42 $( this ).removeClass( "big-blue", 1000, "easeInBack" );
43 });
44 ]]></code>
45 </example>
46 <category slug="effects"/>
5d571af @scottgonzalez Changed core cateogry to ui-core and added effects-core.
scottgonzalez authored
47 <category slug="effects-core"/>
870a893 @scottgonzalez Added method overrides category.
scottgonzalez authored
48 <category slug="overrides"/>
5723b40 @scottgonzalez Added .removeClass().
scottgonzalez authored
49 </entry>
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