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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<entry type="method" name="uniqueId" return="jQuery">
<desc>Generate and apply a unique id for the set of matched elements.</desc>
<p>Many widgets need to generate unique ids for elements. <code>.uniqueId()</code> will check if the element has an id, and if not, it will generate one and set it on the element. It is safe to call <code>.uniqueId()</code> on an element without checking if it already has an id. If/when the widget needs to clean up after itself, the <a href="/removeUniqueId"><code>.removeUniqueId()</code></a> method will remove the id from the element if it was added by <code>.uniqueId()</code> and leave the id alone if it was not. <code>.removeUniqueId()</code> is able to be smart about this because the generated ids have a prefix of <code>"ui-id-"</code>.</p>
<category slug="methods"/>
<category slug="ui-core"/>
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