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Dialog: "slow" isn't a valid value for the show option. "fade" is.

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tjvantoll committed Nov 22, 2013
1 parent 85ad6ee commit 6d402ce294479ed48462d890d9e232f0daf4386c
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@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@
<desc>If set to <code>true</code>, the dialog will be resizable. Requires the <a href="/resizable/">jQuery UI Resizable widget</a> to be included.</desc>
<type name="Boolean" />
- <option name="show" default="null" example-value='"slow"'>
+ <option name="show" default="null" example-value='"fade"'>
<desc>If and how to animate the showing of the dialog.</desc>
<type name="Number">

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