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Dialog: Remove disabling API. Fixes #68

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1 parent 388f712 commit a7abbec7b6215cdc2d45d7719dc539b8b4368a9d @jzaefferer jzaefferer committed Nov 26, 2012
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@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@
<desc>The specified class name(s) will be added to the dialog, for additional theming.</desc>
<type name="String" />
- <xi:include href="../includes/widget-option-disabled.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
<option name="draggable" default="true" example-value="false">
<desc>If set to <code>true</code>, the dialog will be draggable by the title bar. Requires the <a href="/draggable/">jQuery UI Draggable wiget</a> to be included.</desc>
<type name="Boolean" />
@@ -254,8 +253,6 @@
<desc>Closes the dialog.</desc>
<xi:include href="../includes/widget-method-destroy.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
- <xi:include href="../includes/widget-method-disable.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
- <xi:include href="../includes/widget-method-enable.xml" xmlns:xi=""/>
<method name="isOpen" return="Boolean" example-return-var="isOpen">
<desc>Whether the dialog is currently open.</desc>

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