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Tabs: Improved event documentation.

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@@ -93,7 +93,6 @@
- <widget-inherit id="widget-create" />
<event name="beforeLoad" type="tabsload">
<desc>Triggered when a remote tab is about to be loaded, after the <a href="#event-beforeActivate"><code>beforeActivate</code></a> event. Can be canceled to prevent the tab panel from loading content; though the panel will still be activated. This event is triggered just before the Ajax request is made, so modifications can be made to <code>ui.jqXHR</code> and <code>ui.ajaxSettings</code>.</desc>
<argument name="event" type="Event">
@@ -105,14 +104,27 @@
<property name="panel" type="jQuery">
<desc>The panel which will be populated by the Ajax response.</desc>
- <property name="jqXHR" type="Object">
- <desc>The jqXHR object that is requesting the content.</desc>
+ <property name="jqXHR" type="jqXHR">
+ <desc>The <code>jqXHR</code> object that is requesting the content.</desc>
<property name="ajaxSettings" type="Object">
<desc>The settings that will be used by <a href="//"><code>jQuery.ajax</code></a> to request the content.</desc>
+ <event name="create">
+ <desc>Triggered when the tabs are created. If the tabs are collapsed, <code></code> and <code>ui.panel</code> will be empty jQuery objects.</desc>
+ <argument name="event" type="Event">
+ </argument>
+ <argument name="ui" type="Object">
+ <property name="tab" type="jQuery">
+ <desc>The active tab.</desc>
+ </property>
+ <property name="panel" type="jQuery">
+ <desc>The active panel.</desc>
+ </property>
+ </argument>
+ </event>
<event name="load" type="tabsload">
<desc>Triggered after a remote tab has been loaded.</desc>
<argument name="event" type="Event">
@@ -132,7 +144,7 @@
<widget-inherit id="widget-disable" />
<method name="disable">
- Disables a tab. The selected tab cannot be disabled. To disable more than one tab at once use: <code>$( "#tabs" ).tabs( "option", "disabled", [ 1, 2, 3 ] )</code>.
+ Disables a tab. The selected tab cannot be disabled. To disable more than one tab at once, set the <a href="#option-disabled"><code>disabled</code></a> option: <code>$( "#tabs" ).tabs( "option", "disabled", [ 1, 2, 3 ] )</code>.
<argument name="index" type="Number, String">
<desc>The zero-based index of the tab to be disabled. Instead of an index, the <code>href</code> of the tab may be passed.</desc>

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