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"title": "Won't Fix"
## Object.prototype Issues
## jQuery Core
Modifying the Object.prototype is a bad idea - it'll break a lot of code, and
not just in jQuery. While the fix inside jQuery would be relatively simple
(using hasOwnProperty in a number of loops) the performance overhead would be
considerable, thus we're not inclined to fix issues related to this.
Reference: [Object.prototype is verboten](
**For further reference**: [ #2721 ]( )
## SVG/VML or Namespaced Elements Bugs
jQuery is primarily a library for the HTML DOM, so most problems related to SVG/VML
documents or namespaced elements are out of scope. We do try to address problems
that "bleed through" to HTML documents, such as events that bubble out of SVG.
**For further reference**:
* [#4208](
* [#7584](
* [#9807](
* [#13092](
## Warnings in Console
There are some limited cases where an unavoidable warning (not an error) is
produced in the Firefox console. This has been resolved in later versions of
Firefox - and fixing it in jQuery itself would result in a compromised
experience for users. A similar problem exists in some versions of Chrome,
which generate console warnings.
**For further reference**:
* [#7535](
* [#10531](
## CSS Transition/Animation/Transforms
While some browsers do provide native means of doing CSS animations, most of
that has been encapsulated into plugins. We will continue to recommend that
users use those plugins for that particular functionality.
**For further reference**: [#4171](
Plugins available:
* [jQuery Animate Enhanced](
* [jquery.transform.js](
* [jQuery++ Animate](
## Native Selector Bugs
Frequently browsers have regressions with their implementations of
`querySelectorAll`, which causes problems with jQuery's selectors. Thankfully
these issues are usually fixed quickly. If they aren't that severe then we
just bump them back to the browser vendor and let them handle it.
If it's seriously detrimental, then we'll try our best to fix it on our end.
**For further reference**:
* [#9690]( )
## Inline Event Handlers
In general, inline event handlers are incredibly hard to work with and should
not be used. In nearly all cases, issues involving inline event handlers are
out of scope.
**For further reference**:
## Negative margins on Android 4.0-4.3 browser
In Android 4.0-4.3, the DOM `getComputedStyle()` method sometimes returns percents instead of pixel values. The workaround for this bug in jQuery leads to another issue that causes the return of incorrect values when retrieving negative margins.
**For further reference**:
* [#1815]( )
## Quirks Mode
Some browsers provide a "Quirks Mode" that does not conform to the standard W3C
CSS box model; jQuery does not support this mode due to the differences it
introduces in measuring element dimensions and positions. To ensure that an
HTML document does not render in Quirks Mode, always use a doctype at the top
of the document.
**For further reference**:
jQuery Core Won't-Fix issues are tracked and explained on a [jQuery Wiki page]('t-Fix).
## jQuery UI

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