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Themeroller does not include css scope #196

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I have been attempting to download a custom theme with a css scope. I enter the folder name and the css scope to use (the scope is the folder name with a . prepended). The zip file appears to include all files but the css files in the css folder do not include the scope in the style rule selectors. The individual widget css files in the themes folder do have the scope but the jquery-ui file in the themes folder does not.

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In the downloaded package, do you get ./css/<folderName>/jquery-ui-*.custom.css? Does this file include your scope rule? Also, do you get ./development-bundle/themes/<folderName>/*css? Do these files include your scope rule (each widget, and the bundle jquery-ui.css)?

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Thanks! Bug confirmed. is not valid anymore for some 1.11 CSS rules, because they are written on multiple lines.

@rxaviers rxaviers added the bug label


I ran into the same problem. .ui-helper-reset had scope name before (scoped theme downloaded on aug-2013) it and now its removed. Scope name gets applied from /Component containers/ section.

Will this be fixed soon.

Appreciate your help!


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