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Invalid left-hand side in for-in #1944

yuanzm opened this Issue Jul 11, 2018 · 3 comments


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yuanzm commented Jul 11, 2018

Steps to reproduce

// some code from TweenMax.min.js
var code = `
function a() {
				var e, i, n, a, o = this._tween,
					l = o.vars.roundProps,
					h = {},
					_ = o._propLookup.roundProps;
				if ("object" != (void 0 === l ? "undefined" : t(l)) || l.push) for ("string" == typeof l && (l = l.split(",")), n = l.length; --n > -1;) h[l[n]] = Math.round;
				else for (a in l) h[a] = s(l[a]);
				for (a in h) for (e = o._firstPT; e;) i = e._next, ? e.t._mod(h) : e.n === a && (2 === e.f && e.t ? r(e.t._firstPT, h[a]) : (this._add(e.t, a, e.s, e.c, h[a]), i && (i._prev = e._prev), e._prev ? e._prev._next = i : o._firstPT === e && (o._firstPT = i), e._next = e._prev = null, o._propLookup[a] = _)), e = i;
				return !1

Expected output

AST tree

Actual output

Error: Line 8: Invalid left-hand side in for-in
at ErrorHandler.constructError (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:5004:22)
at ErrorHandler.createError (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:5020:27)
at ErrorHandler.tolerateError (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:5030:27)
at Parser.tolerateError (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:1951:28)
at Parser.parseForStatement (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:3802:31)
at Parser.parseStatement (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:4127:43)
at Parser.parseIfClause (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:3647:22)
at Parser.parseIfStatement (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:3665:35)
at Parser.parseStatement (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:4133:43)
at Parser.parseStatementListItem (/Users/yuanzimin/tmp/minigame-code-check/node_modules/esprima/dist/esprima.js:3378:39)

If I replace the code in line 8

else for (a in l) h[a] = s(l[a]);


else { for (a in l) h[a] = s(l[a]); }


else for (var a in l) h[a] = s(l[a]);

It works!!
I tried to read the source code,but it was too complicated.... help...


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ariya commented Jul 16, 2018

I can reproduce it. Looks like a terrible bug, I have a look. Thanks for the detailed report!

@ariya ariya added the defect label Jul 16, 2018


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lmy375 commented Aug 15, 2018

I met same issue recently. Here is a simpler PoC script.

if (1)
    for (a of '1'){} // after parsing '1', context.isAssignmentTarget is set false.
    for (v in v){}  // while parseing this statement, context.isAssignmentTarget is set still false.

With some debugging I think the root cause is probably that isAssignmentTarget flag is not reset each time before starting parsing a new statement.

    parseStatement(): Node.Statement {
+       this.context.isAssignmentTarget = true;
        let statement: Node.Statement;
        switch (this.lookahead.type) {
            case Token.BooleanLiteral:

After patching this, esprima works on PoC script! But I'm not sure if this will lead to other side effects.


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betalb commented Oct 31, 2018

Putting brackets around else block, also hides issue

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