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Mention value attribute selector best practices

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**Cause**: Prior to jQuery 1.9, `$().attr("value")` retrieved the value *property* instead of the value *attribute* (which generally reflects the value that was read from HTML markup). This caused inconsistent behavior with selectors referencing the value attribute.
-**Solution**: Use `$().val()` (for form controls) or `$().prop("value")` (for other elements) to get the *current* value.
+**Solution**: Use `$().val()` (for form controls) or `$().prop("value")` (for other elements) to get the *current* value, and try to explicitly limit the use of `[value=…]` in selectors to `input` and/or `option` elements wherever possible.
### JQMIGRATE: property-based jQuery.fn.attr('value', val) is deprecated

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