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883c8f8 @jzaefferer Adding .gitignore file, copy from jquery-ui
jzaefferer authored
1 .project
2 *~
3 *.diff
4 *.patch
5 .DS_Store
cba49b6 updated ignore file
scottjehl authored
6 cache/
7 combined/
b41cfce @jzaefferer Also .gitignore combine folder created by Ant build
jzaefferer authored
8 combine/
4284d07 @eddiemonge add compiled and gitstatus.log to gitignore
eddiemonge authored
9 compiled/
ecf0b97 @eddiemonge Update the deployed files to use the CDN for the resources
eddiemonge authored
10 tmp/
5832890 @globalmatt Docs: Cleaned up "Prefetching & caching pages" page
globalmatt authored
11 *.swp
12 .gitignore
b5d6322 @johnbender simple performance recording for page loads
johnbender authored
13 tests/speed/stats/stats.db
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