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# Helper Variables
# The command to replace the @VERSION in the files with the actual version
HEAD_SHA = $(shell git log -1 --format=format:"%H")
VER = sed "s/v@VERSION/$$(git log -1 --format=format:"Git Build: SHA1: %H <> Date: %cd")/"
VER_MIN = "/*! jQuery Mobile v$$(git log -1 --format=format:"Git Build: SHA1: %H <> Date: %cd") | */"
VER_OFFICIAL = $(shell cat version.txt)
SED_VER_REPLACE = 's/__version__/"${VER_OFFICIAL}"/g'
SED_INPLACE_EXT = "whyunowork"
deploy: VER = sed "s/v@VERSION/${VER_OFFICIAL} ${HEAD_SHA}/"
deploy: VER_MIN = "/*! jQuery Mobile v${VER_OFFICIAL} ${HEAD_SHA} | */"
# The output folder for the finished files
OUTPUT = compiled
# The name of the files
# The CSS theme being used
THEME = default
# If node is available then use node to run r.js
# otherwise use good old rhino/java
NODE = /usr/local/bin/node
HAS_NODE = $(shell if test -x ${NODE} ;then echo true; fi)
ifeq ($(HAS_NODE), true)
RUN_JS = @@${NODE}
RUN_JS = @@java -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=64m -classpath build/js.jar:build/google-compiler-20111003.jar
# Build Targets
# When no build target is specified, all gets ran
all: css js zip notify
# -------------------------------------------------
# Cleaning build output
@@rm -rf ${OUTPUT}
@@rm -rf tmp
# Create the output directory.
@@mkdir -p ${OUTPUT}
# Build and minify the CSS files
css: init
# Build the CSS file with the theme included
${RUN_JS} \
external/r.js/dist/r.js \
-o cssIn=css/themes/default/ \
optimizeCss=standard.keepComments.keepLines \
@@cat LICENSE-INFO.txt | ${VER} > ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.css
@@cat ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.css >> ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.css
@@echo ${VER_MIN} > ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.min.css
@@java -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=64m \
-jar build/yuicompressor-2.4.6.jar \
--type css ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.css >> ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.min.css
@@rm ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.css
# Build the CSS Structure-only file
${RUN_JS} \
external/r.js/dist/r.js \
-o cssIn=css/structure/ \
@@cat LICENSE-INFO.txt | ${VER} > ${OUTPUT}/${STRUCTURE}.css
@@cat ${OUTPUT}/${STRUCTURE}.compiled.css >> ${OUTPUT}/${STRUCTURE}.css
# ..... and then minify it
@@echo ${VER_MIN} > ${OUTPUT}/${STRUCTURE}.min.css
@@java -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=64m \
-jar build/yuicompressor-2.4.6.jar \
--type css ${OUTPUT}/${STRUCTURE}.compiled.css >> ${OUTPUT}/${STRUCTURE}.min.css
@@rm ${OUTPUT}/${STRUCTURE}.compiled.css
# Build the theme only file
@@cat css/themes/default/ >> ${OUTPUT}/${THEME_FILENAME}.css
# ..... and then minify it
@@echo ${VER_MIN} > ${OUTPUT}/${THEME_FILENAME}.min.css
@@java -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=64m \
-jar build/yuicompressor-2.4.6.jar \
--type css ${OUTPUT}/${THEME_FILENAME}.css >> ${OUTPUT}/${THEME_FILENAME}.min.css
# Copy in the images
@@cp -R css/themes/${THEME}/images ${OUTPUT}/
# Css portion is complete.
# -------------------------------------------------
docs: init js css
# Create the Demos/Docs/Tests/Tools
# ... Create staging directories
@@mkdir -p tmp/demos/js
@@mkdir -p tmp/demos/css/themes/${THEME}
# ... Copy script files
@@cp compiled/*.js tmp/demos/js
@@cp js/jquery.js tmp/demos/js
# ... Copy html files
@@cp index.html tmp/demos
@@cp -r docs tmp/demos
# ... Copy css and images
@@cp compiled/*.css tmp/demos/css/themes/${THEME}
@@cp -r compiled/images tmp/demos/css/themes/${THEME}
# ... replace "js/" with "js/"
@@ # NOTE the deletion here is required by gnu/bsd sed differences
@@find tmp/demos -name "*.html" -exec sed -i${SED_INPLACE_EXT} -e 's@js/"@js/"@' {} \;
@@find tmp/demos -name "*${SED_INPLACE_EXT}" -exec rm {} \;
# ... Move and zip up the the whole folder
@@rm -f ${OUTPUT}/${BASE_NAME}
@@cd tmp/demos && zip -rq ../../${OUTPUT}/${NAME} *
@@rm -rf ${OUTPUT}/demos && mv -f tmp/demos ${OUTPUT}
# Finish by removing the temporary files
@@rm -rf tmp
# -------------------------------------------------
# Build and minify the JS files
js: init
# Build the JavaScript file
${RUN_JS} \
external/r.js/dist/r.js \
-o baseUrl="js" \ \
exclude=jquery,../external/requirejs/order,../external/requirejs/depend,../external/requirejs/text,../external/requirejs/text!../version.txt \
out=${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.js \
pragmasOnSave.jqmBuildExclude=true \
wrap.startFile=build/wrap.start \
wrap.endFile=build/wrap.end \
findNestedDependencies=true \
skipModuleInsertion=true \
@@cat LICENSE-INFO.txt | ${VER} > ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.js
@@cat ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.js | ${SED_VER_API} >> ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.js
@@rm ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.js
# ..... and then minify it
@@echo ${VER_MIN} > ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.min.js
@@java -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=64m \
-jar build/google-compiler-20111003.jar \
--js ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.js \
--js_output_file ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.js
@@cat ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.js >> ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.min.js
@@rm ${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.compiled.js
# -------------------------------------------------
# Output a message saying the process is complete
notify: init
@@echo "The files have been built and are in: " $$(pwd)/${OUTPUT}
# -------------------------------------------------
# Zip up the jQm files without docs
zip: init css js
# Packaging up the files into a zip archive
@@mkdir tmp
@@cp -R ${OUTPUT} tmp/${NAME}
# ... And remove the Zipped docs so they aren't included twice (for deploy scripts)
@@rm -rf tmp/${NAME}/*.zip
@@cd tmp; zip -rq ../${OUTPUT}/${NAME}.zip ${NAME}
@@rm -rf tmp
# -------------------------------------------------
# -------------------------------------------------
# -------------------------------------------------
# -------------------------------------------------
# For jQuery Team Use Only
# -------------------------------------------------
# NOTE the clean (which removes previous build output) has been removed to prevent a gap in service
build_latest: css docs js zip
# ... Copy over the lib js, avoid the compiled stuff, to get the defines for tests/unit/*
@@ # TODO centralize list of built files
@@find js -name "*.js" -not -name "*.docs.js" -not -name "*.mobile.js" | xargs -L1 -I FILENAME cp FILENAME ${OUTPUT}/demos/js/
# Push the latest git version to the CDN. This is done on a post commit hook
# Time to put these on the CDN
@@scp -qr ${OUTPUT}/*
# -------------------------------------------------
# TODO target name preserved to avoid issues during refactor, latest -> deploy_latest
latest: build_latest deploy_latest
# Push the nightly backups. This is done on a server cronjob
# Time to put these on the CDN
@@scp -qr ${OUTPUT}$$(date "+%Y%m%d")
# -------------------------------------------------
# Deploy a finished release. This is manually done.
deploy: clean init css js docs zip
# Deploying all the files to the CDN
@@mkdir tmp
@@cp -R ${OUTPUT} tmp/${VER_OFFICIAL}
@@scp -qr tmp/*
@@rm -rf tmp/${VER_OFFICIAL}
@@mv ${OUTPUT}/demos tmp/${VER_OFFICIAL}
# Create the Demos/Docs/Tests/Tools for
# ... By first replacing the paths
@@ # TODO update jQuery Version replacement on deploy
@@find tmp/${VER_OFFICIAL} -type f \
\( -name '*.html' -o -name '*.php' \) \
-exec perl -pi -e \
's|src="(.*)${BASE_NAME}.js"|src="//${VER_OFFICIAL}/${NAME}.min.js"|g;s|href="(.*)${BASE_NAME}.css"|href="//${VER_OFFICIAL}/${NAME}.min.css"|g;s|src="(.*)jquery.js"|src="//"|g' {} \;
# ... So they can be copied to
@@scp -qr tmp/*
# Do some cleanup to wrap it up
@@rm -rf tmp
@@rm -rf ${OUTPUT}
# -------------------------------------------------
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