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# determine the project root
function log {
echo "[branches preview] $1"
# Make the output directory if it doesnt exist
mkdir -p "$output"
branches=$(git ls-remote --heads origin | cut -f2 -s | sed 's@refs/heads/@@')
log "fetching to get new branches"
git fetch origin
echo "<html><head><title>jQm Branches Preview</title></head><body>" > "$index_page"
echo "<h1>jQuery Mobile Branches Live Previews</h1><hr />" >> "$index_page"
echo "<span class='date'>Updated: $(date)</span>" >> "$index_page"
echo "<ul>" >> "$index_page"
# Loop through the array to export each branch
for branch in $branches; do
# skip master
if [ $branch = "master" ]; then
# TODO shell escape the $branch value it safe for executing
log "archiving ref $branch"
git archive -o "$output/$branch.tar" "origin/$branch"
mkdir -p "$output/$branch"
log "untarring $branch.tar into $output/$branch/"
tar -C "$output/$branch" -xf "$output/$branch.tar"
# Manipulate the commit message
# TODO add commit and description
echo "<li>Branch: <a href='$branch/index.html'>$branch</a></li>" >> "$index_page"
# close out the list
echo "</ul>" >> "$index_page"
# close out the index file
echo "</body></html>" >> "$index_page"
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