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Fix for issue #4424 - Transitions with Pages that have Fixed Toolbars…

… - Remove class in class after transition completes
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commit 00a2926280a5a1f0fbc662214fd58ec2a630e0b4 1 parent 7f27938
@arschmitz arschmitz authored
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −1 js/widgets/fixedToolbar.js
5 js/widgets/fixedToolbar.js
@@ -204,7 +204,10 @@ define( [ "jquery", "../", "../", "../jque
if ( this._useTransition( notransition ) ) {
.removeClass( "out " + hideClass )
- .addClass( "in" );
+ .addClass( "in" )
+ .animationComplete(function () {
+ $el.removeClass('in');
+ });
else {
$el.removeClass( hideClass );

2 comments on commit 00a2926


This one appears to be breaking our fixed-toolbar test. Most likely the test just needs to be updated:


The test that's failing explicitly looks for the in class after show which this commit removes. I'm not sure if this class should be there for something else after the animation completes but it dosent seem as though it should. It should only be there durring transition. otherwise this test and the 4th test in this set also which tests for the same thing should be removed. With these tests removed everything runs fine (of course lol)

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