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…aving issued pageBeforeChange, because the handler might have replaced a jQuery object with a string (in the case of a redirect)
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gabrielschulhof committed Dec 17, 2012
1 parent f8a048e commit 08ea30eedb477fe3ec97ab646f9c1dda95c832f2
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@@ -656,16 +656,19 @@ define( [
// Let listeners know we're about to change the current page.
mpc.trigger( pbcEvent, triggerData );
// If the default behavior is prevented, stop here!
if ( pbcEvent.isDefaultPrevented() ) {
// We allow "pagebeforechange" observers to modify the toPage in the trigger
// data to allow for redirects. Make sure our toPage is updated.
// We also need to re-evaluate whether it is a string, because an object can
// also be replaced by a string
toPage = triggerData.toPage;
isToPageString = (typeof toPage === "string");
// Set the isPageTransitioning flag to prevent any requests from
// entering this method while we are in the midst of loading a page

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