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Fixes #3656 - missing href on anchor prevented the element from getti…

…ng focus
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1 parent 5481a72 commit 22ae3875177ef2fd9482a828e24dcfbc12b8c008 @gseguin gseguin committed Feb 27, 2012
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@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ $.widget( "mobile.slider", $.mobile.widget, {
+ domHandle.setAttribute( 'href', "#" );
domSlider.className = ['ui-slider ',selectClass," ui-btn-down-",trackTheme,' ui-btn-corner-all', inlineClass, miniClass].join("");
domHandle.className = 'ui-slider-handle';

3 comments on commit 22ae387


huh - I guess we both fixed this one? 295b654



yeah, okay we've got the fix in there twice now. My fault - I was working from the plane and made several commits that pushed after I landed. Didn't know there was a ticket for this one. So we need to remove one of the fixes is all...

jQuery Foundation member

Good catch!

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