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Fix to #3351, dialogs reopening when attempting to close them

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1 parent 956075c commit 240505a4338ae8c94e7c3e1e730bc5220060c4b1 Josh Dean committed
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@@ -39,7 +39,10 @@ $.widget( "mobile.dialog", $.mobile.widget, {
// this must be an anonymous function so that select menu dialogs can replace
// the close method. This is a change from previously just defining data-rel=back
// on the button and letting nav handle it
- headerCloseButton.bind( "vclick", function() {
+ //
+ // Use click rather than vclick in order to prevent the possibility of unintentionally
+ // reopening the dialog if the dialog opening item was directly under the close button.
+ headerCloseButton.bind( "click", function() {

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