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Fix for issue 1461 - Tops of pages missing after dialog click in Safa…

…ri and iPhone.

- Delayed the setting of focus till *AFTER* the scroll position is restored.
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commit 2d2e6d7741f0e4d6dff43ec4803d84b738f373a2 1 parent 1ec80bd
Kin Blas authored April 21, 2011

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  1. 3  js/
3  js/
@@ -458,8 +458,7 @@
458 458
459 459
 				//jump to top or prev scroll, sometimes on iOS the page has not rendered yet.  I could only get by this with a setTimeout, but would like to avoid that.
460 460
 				$.mobile.silentScroll( to.jqmData( "lastScroll" ) );
-				reFocus( to );
+				$(document).one("silentscroll", function(){ reFocus( to ); });
463 462
464 463
 				//trigger show/hide events
465 464
 				if( from ){

3 notes on commit 2d2e6d7

Sebastian Baldovino

I tried this fix but did not work for me, either Safari or iPod


this actually fixes the problem. Just make sure you have to use the nightbuild of jquerymobile (not the static alpha 4 version)

Sebastian Baldovino

Yes you are totally right, I was applying the patch to the current a4.1 version. Sorry for all the noise that I have introduced.

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