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Fix for issue 2474 - [IPAD] change page flicking in landscape[IPAD] c…

…hange page flicking in landscape

- On iOS, giving focus to the ui-page element causes flashing during page animations/transitions. This is due to the CSS outline property which is applied when the page is given focus. Turning outlines off for all pages prevents the flashing.
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jblas committed Sep 20, 2011
1 parent 44f3218 commit 432b876e842c2e0afd2fd5b21c736d6d1a4139a9
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@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@
.landscape .ui-page { min-height: 300px; }
/* on ios4, setting focus on the page element causes flashing during transitions when there is an outline, so we turn off outlines */
.ui-page { outline: none; }
/* native overflow scrolling */
.ui-mobile-touch-overflow.ui-native-fixed .ui-content {

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