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@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ <h3 class="ui-title">Are you sure you want to delete this page?</h3>
<p>For situations like a dialog or lightbox where the popup should appear centered within the window instead of over the origin, add the <code>data-position-to</code> attribute to the <strong>link</strong> and specify a value of <code>window</code>. </p>
<p>It's also possible to specify any valid selector as the value of <code>position-to</code> in addition to <code>origin</code> and <code>window</code>. For example, if you add <code>data-position-to="#myElement"</code> the popup will be positioned over the element with the id <code>myElement</code>.</p>
<pre id="codeSample"><code>
-&lt;a href=&quot;#positionWindow&quot; data-rel=&quot;popup&quot; <strong>data-position-to=&quot;window&quot;</strong>&gt;
+&lt;a href=&quot;#positionWindow&quot; data-rel=&quot;popup&quot; <strong>data-position-to=&quot;window&quot;</strong>&gt;Position to window&lt;/a&gt;
&lt;div data-role=&quot;popup&quot; id=&quot;positionWindow&quot;&gt;
&lt;p&gt;I am positioned to the window.&lt;/p&gt;

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