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Split css metadata into css.structure and css.theme

Fixes #4434
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1 parent 9663cf3 commit 63820d3893f2a9cc82c758f29a508cc60797217f @gseguin gseguin committed
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3 js/
@@ -1,7 +1,8 @@
//>>excludeStart("jqmBuildExclude", pragmas.jqmBuildExclude);
//>>description: Popup windows.
//>>label: Popups
-//>>css: ../css/themes/default/,../css/structure/,../css/structure/,../css/structure/
+//>>css.theme: ../css/themes/default/
+//>>css.structure: ../css/structure/,../css/structure/,../css/structure/
define( [ "jquery",

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