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jQuery Mobile Framework
[Official Site:](
[Demos and Documentation](
How to build your own jQuery Mobile CSS and JS files
Clone this repo and build the js and css files (you'll need Git and Make installed):
git clone git://
cd jquery-mobile
A full version and a minified version of the jQuery Mobile JavaScript and CSS files will be created
-in a folder named "compiled".
+in a folder named "compiled". There is also now a Structure only css file so you can add your own theme on top of it.
Submitting bugs
If you think you've found a bug, please report it by following these instructions:
1. Visit the [Issue tracker:](
@@ -36,14 +36,14 @@ If you think you've found a bug, please report it by following these instruction
3. Submit the issue.
Submitting patches
To contribute code and bug fixes to jQuery Mobile: fork this project on Github, make changes to the code in your fork,
and then send a "pull request" to notify the team of updates that are ready to be reviewed for inclusion.
Detailed instructions can be found at [jQuery Mobile Patching](
Running the jQuery Mobile demos & docs locally
To preview locally, you'll need to clone a local copy of this repository and point your Apache & PHP webserver at its
root directory (a webserver is required, as PHP and .htaccess are used for combining development files).
@@ -64,3 +64,18 @@ You need the following Apache modules loaded:
* Rewrite (mod\
* Expire (mod\
* Header (mod\
+Building With A Custom Theme
+To use a custom theme in your own build, you'll need Make installed. You can find the themes in the CSS/Themes folder.
+To create a new theme:
+1. Copy the `Default` folder from CSS/Themes to a new folder in the same location. The name of the folder will be the
+theme's name. For testing locally, make sure the index.php file is copied as well.
+2. Edit the `` file so it contains your custom fonts and colors.
+3. Once you are done editing your files and saving them, open a terminal.
+4. Navigate to the jQuery-Mobile folder's root.
+5. Run
+ make CSSTHEME=YourThemeName
+6. The compiled files will be located in the "compiled" folder in the root of jQuery-Mobile.

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