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Readme: minor changes to "how to submit an issue" instructions.

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@@ -11,12 +11,12 @@ jQuery Mobile 1.2 beta (1.2.0-rc.1) works with versions of jQuery core from 1.6.
When [submitting issues on github]( please include the following:
1. Issue description
-2. Sample page using our [jsbin template]( which uses latest code
+2. Test page using our [jsbin template]( which uses latest code
3. Steps to reproduce
4. Expected outcome
5. Actual outcome
-6. jQuery Mobile version
-7. Browsers/platforms tested
+6. jQuery Mobile version and PhoneGap version if applicable
+7. Devices/platforms/browsers tested
Also, in the interest of creating more readable issues please include code snippets inside a triple backtick box appropriate for the JavaScript/HTML/CSS snippet you wish to discuss. More information is available at the [introduction page]( for github flavored markdown (see Syntax Highlighting).

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