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1 parent 8ecb8ae commit 9d093546b40392532986de743528dd6b5aeb5713 @agcolom agcolom committed Jul 4, 2012
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@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@
<li data-filtertext="events api pagebeforeload pageload pageloadfailed ajax nav">
<a href="api/events.html">Page load events</a>
- <li data-filtertext="pages message load mobile loading show textvisible">
+ <li data-filtertext="pages message load mobile loading show textvisible loader">
<a href="pages/loader.html">Page loading widget</a>
<li data-filtertext="pages overview boilerplate getting started setup">
@@ -222,6 +222,9 @@
<li data-filtertext="phonegap compile appstore export device api XSS mobileinit pushstate loadUrlTimeoutValue allowCrossDomainPages local file:// URL support.cors UIWebView native iOS">
<a href="pages/phonegap.html">PhoneGap</a>
+ <li data-filtertext="pages popup window lightbox">
+ <a href="pages/popup/index.html">Popup</a>
+ </li>
<li data-filtertext="navigation model ajax prefetch preload lazyload loader loadPage">
<a href="pages/page-cache.html">Prefetching pages</a>

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