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Contributing: Replaced the reference to PhoneGap with Apache Cordova

made replacement

Fixes gh-7764
Closes gh-7766
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1 parent f02420e commit c7cad3d7bf59893932ca5a48a4fa81ae80d1916b @ldeluca ldeluca committed with cgack Oct 9, 2014
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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ When [submitting an issue]( i
5. Actual outcome
6. Platforms/browsers (including version) and devices tested
7. jQuery Mobile and jQuery core version used
-8. Other relevant information, e.g. using PhoneGap
+8. Other relevant information, e.g. using Apache Cordova
In the interest of creating readable issues please include code snippets inside a triple backtick box appropriate for the JavaScript, CSS, or HTML snippet you wish to discuss. More information is available on the [introduction page]( for GitHub Flavored Markdown (see Syntax Highlighting).

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