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@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ The easiest way to obtain a custom build is to use the [download builder](http:/
### Requirements
* [Node.js]( ~0.8.22
-* [Grunt]( >=0.4.0
+* [Grunt]( >=0.4.0
### Commands
@@ -112,15 +112,22 @@ You can run all the test suites by running the following command:
grunt test
You can choose to run only a subset of the tests by adding the `--suites` option like:
grunt test --suites=button,slider
-will only run the tests under `tests/unit/button/` and `tests/unit/slider/`.
+will only run the tests under `tests/unit/button/` and `tests/unit/slider/`.
You can also specify which versions of jQuery you want to test jQuery Mobile with by using the `--jqueries` option:
grunt test --jqueries=1.8.2,git
+Additionally, jQuery Mobile's test suite is split between integration and unit tests. Where the unit tests are meant to focus on a single piece of the library (eg, a widget) and the integration tests require multiple pieces of the library to function. You can target either type by including the `--types` option when testing:
+ grunt test --types=unit
+ grunt test --types=integration
+ grunt test --types=unit,integration # default, equivalent to 'grunt test'
### Rebasing
Often times when working on a feature or bug fix branch it's useful to pull in the latest from the parent branch. If you're doing this _before_ submitting a pull request it's best to use git's rebase to apply your commits onto the latest from the parent branch. For example, working on `new-feature` branch where `upstream` is the remote at `git://`:

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