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@@ -60,6 +60,10 @@ Currently the library is shipped on the jQuery CDN/download as a single monolith
* `docs` - build the js and css, and make the docs ready for static consumption
* `zip` - package all the JavaScript and all the css into a zip archive
+### Download Builder
+The easiest way to obtain a custom build is to use the [download builder]( With it, you can select the parts of the library you need and both the CSS and JavaScript dependencies will be resolved for you as a packaged/minified whole.
### Requirements
The `js` and `css` build targets require [node.js]( and its packaged NPM package manager. For the other build targets, `docs` and `zip`, bash is also required. For more information on installing node please see its [documentation]( As for bash it's generally installed as the default shell in many POSIX compliant environments (OSX, Linux, BSD, etc).

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