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relative url change per Kin Blas's last pre-vacation request

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1 parent 584e307 commit d827be3bf212d6d81470fe80f2f36f21c6f335c0 @johnbender johnbender committed Jul 13, 2011
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@@ -563,7 +563,7 @@
// The absolute version of the URL passed into the function. This
// version of the URL may contain dialog/subpage params in it.
- absUrl = path.makeUrlAbsolute( url, documentBase.hrefNoHash );
+ absUrl = path.makeUrlAbsolute( url, ( $.mobile.activePage && getClosestBaseUrl( $.mobile.activePage ) ) || documentBase.hrefNoHash);
// If the caller provided data, and we're using "get" request,

2 comments on commit d827be3


nice. very happy to see this one land :)


yah, I'm sorry it took so long but I did need to sort out the test changes.

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