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@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ <h1>Methods</h1>
<dt><code>jqmData(), jqmRemoveData(), and jqmHasData()</code> (<em>method</em>)</dt>
<dt><code>jqmData(), jqmRemoveData()</code> (<em>method</em>)</dt>
<dd>When working with jQuery Mobile, <code>jqmData</code> and <code>jqmRemoveData</code> should be used in place of jQuery core's <code>data</code> and <code>removeData</code> methods (note that this includes $, $.fn.removeData, and the $.data, $.removeData, and $.hasData utilities), as they automatically incorporate getting and setting of namespaced data attributes (even if no namespace is currently in use).</dd>

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