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Demos: Controlgroup: Adding example of a pre-rendered controlgroup.

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</div><!--/demo-html -->
<h2>Pre-rendered markup</h2>
<p>You can supply pre-rendered markup for any controlgroup to save startup time. The example below illustrates the markup you have to provide for a pre-rendered controlgroup. Note that the widgets inside the controlgroup need not necessarily be pre-rendered.</p>
<div data-demo-html="true">
<div data-role="controlgroup" data-enhanced="true" data-theme="b" data-corners="true" data-shadow="true" class="ui-controlgroup ui-controlgroup-vertical ui-group-theme-b ui-corner-all">
<div role="heading" class="ui-controlgroup-label">
<legend>Pre-rendered controlgroup</legend>
<div class="ui-controlgroup-controls ui-shadow">
<label for="pre-rendered-cb-1" class="ui-first-child">Checkbox 1</label>
<input type="checkbox" id="pre-rendered-cb-1" name="pre-rendered-cb-1" value="1"></input>
<label for="pre-rendered-cb-2" class="ui-last-child">Checkbox 2</label>
<input type="checkbox" id="pre-rendered-cb-2" name="pre-rendered-cb-2" value="2"></input>
</div><!-- /content -->
<div data-role="footer" class="jqm-footer">

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