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<li>If centering the popup over an element would cause the overall height of the document to increase, the popup is shifted upwards at most until its top coordinate becomes 0.</li>
- <p>To programmatically make use of the popup's positioning functionality (and any features made available by specifying <code>data-*</code> options on links), set the corresponding keys in the options object passed to <code>open()</code>:</p>
-$( ".selector" ).popup( "open", {
- positionTo: "window",
- transition: "slide"
- <p>The above will cause the popup to open and close with a slide transition, and to position itself centered in the window.</p>
+ <p>See <a href="methods.html">methods</a> for information about setting the popup position programmatically, including the option to specify <strong>x and y coordinates</strong>.
<h2>Setting transitions</h2>
<p>By default, popups have no transition to make them open as quickly as possible. To set the transition used for a popup, add the <code>data-transition</code> attribute to the link that references the popup. The reverse version of the transition will be used when closing the popup.</p>

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