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turned auto back button additions off by default. Fixes #1657. To tur…

…n auto backbuttons on, you can set the page plugin's autoBackBtn option to true per page, or globally via its configuration prototype. You can also use the data-auto-back-btn attribute on a page div.
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1 parent 83652dd commit fd0819f3799557fafe029198062cd9b39b680159 scottjehl committed May 18, 2011
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
$.widget( "", $.mobile.widget, {
options: {
backBtnText: "Back",
- addBackBtn: true,
+ addBackBtn: false,
backBtnTheme: null,
degradeInputs: {
color: false,

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Hey, there is some kind of typo/mistake ... you mention in your comment, in the latest jquerymobile blog post and on the documentation that the option that has to be changed is "autoBackBtn" but in your code it ends up being "addBackBtn" ....

currently i am using addBackBtn (it is the one that works) but you should decide and make the needed changes on the code or the docs...

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