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Commits on Sep 8, 2011
  1. @jeresig

    Version 1.0b3 released.

    jeresig committed
  2. @jblas
  3. @jblas

    Added an index page for the dynamic-samples directory and linked to i…

    jblas committed
    …t from the age-dynamic.html page.
  4. @jblas
  5. @jblas

    Moved scottjehl's modified sample to a new file (sample-reuse-page-ex…

    jblas committed
    …ternal.html) and restored the original code in sample-reuse-page.html.
  6. @toddparker
  7. @toddparker

    Updated docs for beta 3

    toddparker committed
  8. progress towards making this demo work with urls that represent serve…

    scottjehl committed
    …r resources
  9. @jblas
  10. @jblas

    Fixed the broken sample link.

    jblas committed
  11. @jblas

    Added more content.

    jblas committed
  12. @jblas
  13. @jblas
  14. @jblas

    Removed some debug code from sample-reuse-page.html.

    jblas committed
    Checking in the start of a doc that walks folks through how to use the pagebeforechange event to short-circuit default changePage() behavior.
  15. @gseguin

    Fix for issue #2404

    gseguin committed with scottjehl
    Collapsible are collapsed by default
  16. @gseguin

    jshint was complaining about .this

    gseguin committed with scottjehl
  17. disabled iOS5 improvements by default. Can be enabled by binding to m…

    scottjehl committed
    …obileinit and setting $.mobile.touchOverflowEnabled = true;
  18. implemented native overflow scrolling based on support for -[prefix]-…

    scottjehl committed
    …overflow-scrolling: touch. True fixed headers and footers come supported as well.
  19. removed image dimensions in demo page

    scottjehl committed
  20. reset scrollTop to 0, not defaultHomeScroll

    scottjehl committed
  21. added a pre-transition class to set pages to display: block early and…

    scottjehl committed
    … allow for their scrollTop and focus to be set before they are shown.
  22. changed the name of the overflow support test and class to touchOverf…

    scottjehl committed
    …low / touch-overflow
  23. applied conditional overflow scrolling to page div

    scottjehl committed
  24. Merge remote branch 'origin/master'

    scottjehl committed
  25. increased timeout that waits for a potential hashchange event to fire…

    scottjehl committed
    … as a result of pop.
  26. @jblas
  27. @jblas

    Added path.isFirstPageUrl() which is now called from loadPage() when …

    jblas committed
    …trying to determine if the URL being loaded refers to a page that is already in the DOM. This will prevent us from duplicating the first-page in the main application document.
    Also checking in the first example of how to use the pagebeforechange notification to allow for dynamically updating and re-using a page that is already in the DOM.
  28. Merge remote branch 'origin/master'

    scottjehl committed
  29. added to the original page data-url

    scottjehl committed
  30. @toddparker
  31. @toddparker
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