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Commits on Oct 19, 2011
  1. @jeresig

    Releasing 1.0rc2.

    jeresig committed
  2. @johnbender

    Merge pull request #2747 from eddiemonge/patch-7

    johnbender committed
    Update to include instructions on how to build using a custom theme.
  3. @johnbender

    Merge pull request #2752 from eddiemonge/remove_buildxml

    johnbender committed
    Remove buildxml
  4. @eddiemonge

    Remove build.xml as it is not as feature rich as the makefile and hav…

    eddiemonge committed
    …ing two build scripts is redundant
  5. @toddparker

    Added a blurb about toolbar events for re-positioning

    toddparker committed
    Also re-ordered events page to group touch and mouse together
  6. @toddparker

    Updated files for RC2

    toddparker committed
    Added RC2 banner, updated anatomy of a page and page templates to point
    to RC2. Updated platform page for RC2 too.
  7. @eddiemonge

    Merge branch 'master' of git://

    eddiemonge committed
    * 'master' of git://
  8. @johnbender

    Merge pull request #2751 from eddiemonge/master

    johnbender committed
    Update ant build to include a structure css files
  9. @eddiemonge

    Merge branch 'master' of git://

    eddiemonge committed
    * 'master' of git://
      move .structure before version in css build put filenames :sparkles:
      Added documentation for $ functions.
      cleaned up test to limit event binding bleed
  10. @johnbender
  11. @jblas
  12. @jblas
  13. @eddiemonge
  14. @johnbender
  15. @Wilto

    Merge pull request #2750 from Wilto/dialog-top-margin

    Wilto committed
    Adds a little breathing room above dialogs at wider screen sizes.
  16. @jblas
  17. @jblas

    Renamed the custom event I added to fix #2348 from "contentmodified" …

    jblas committed
    …to "updatelayout" so that it reflects more of what it should be used for. Note that this also affects #2042 and the mention of collapsible in #2596.
  18. @Wilto
  19. @eddiemonge


    eddiemonge committed
  20. @eddiemonge


    eddiemonge committed
  21. @eddiemonge
Commits on Oct 18, 2011
  1. @johnbender
  2. @johnbender

    whitespace in checkbox radio

    johnbender committed
  3. @Wilto

    Merge pull request #2740 from Wilto/dialog-max-width

    Wilto committed
    Fixes #2729 — Sets a max-width of ~600px on dialogs.
  4. @Wilto
  5. @Wilto

    Fixes #2729 — Sets a max-width of ~600px on dialogs (inc. full-screen…

    Wilto committed
    … selects), changes disalog width to percentage-based value.
  6. @johnbender

    Merge pull request #2733 from eddiemonge/coding_styling

    johnbender committed
    Some coding style cleanups
  7. @johnbender
  8. @johnbender
  9. @Wilto

    Merge pull request #2737 from Wilto/inline-selects-controlgroup

    Wilto committed
    Hopefully, this finally fixes #518 — Custom selects now behave as expected within vertical/horizontal controlgroups.
  10. @Wilto

    Hopefully, this finally fixes #518 — Custom selects now behave as exp…

    Wilto committed
    …ected within vertical/horizontal controlgroups. Docs have been updated accordingly.
  11. @johnbender
  12. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #2732 from eddiemonge/update_readme

    toddparker committed
    Update readme. Thanks eddiemonge!
  13. @toddparker
Commits on Oct 17, 2011
  1. @jblas
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