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Commits on Apr 6, 2012
  1. Kin Blas

    Fix for issue #3707 - iOS4 reports landscape when it's in portrait

    jblas authored
    - This was a regression caused by the fix for issue #2933:
    This triggered a bug on iPhone/iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.2 - 5.1 where the browser *ALWAYS* applies a landscape media query. This bug does not exist on iPad.
    - Removed the use of the landscape media query, and switched to using window.innerWidth/innerHeight w ith a threshold to determine if the device is currently in landscape mode. A threshold is necessary because on small form factors like the iPhone, the user can enable the developer console which takes up more vertical space, making the useable width of the browser window larger than the height.
  2. Todd Parker
  3. Todd Parker
Commits on Apr 5, 2012
  1. Todd Parker

    Updated docs footer to say "2011-12 The jQuery Foundation" instead of…

    toddparker authored
    … "The jQuery Project". Thanks Scott Gonzalez!
  2. Todd Parker

    Incorrect -webkit prefix in -moz "slide" transition keyframes. Fixes #…

    toddparker authored
    …3970. Thanks for the timely fix deAtog!
  3. Todd Parker

    Final docs changes to support RC2

    toddparker authored
    Added RC2 flag, changed version on homepage, updated CDN refs
  4. Mat Marquis
  5. Todd Parker

    Typo in search nav

    toddparker authored
  6. Mat Marquis
  7. Todd Parker

    Tiny theme tweaks to soften text shadow on A & B swatches, darken A b…

    toddparker authored
    …utton highlight, lighten up A bg which impacts text inputs
    Final fit and finish changes.
  8. John Bender
  9. John Bender
  10. John Bender
  11. John Bender
  12. John Bender
  13. Mat Marquis
  14. Mat Marquis

    Merge pull request #3967 from uGoMobi/patch-8

    Wilto authored
    Fixes issue #3966
  15. Jasper de Groot
Commits on Apr 4, 2012
  1. John Bender
  2. In the data-attr docs, added the data-fullscreen attribute to the hea…

    scottjehl authored
    …ders and footers, as that's the recommended place now, rather than the page element. To ensure that this change doesn't cause problems for anyone, this commit adds a line to the end of the fixedToolbar plugin that uses the data-attr from the parent page element if there's none set on the toolbar itself. The data-fullscreen attribute on the page element is now deprecated and will later be unsupported.
  3. Removed the ui-mobile-rendering class from many docs pages that still…

    scottjehl authored
    … had it. Could've sworn this change was already made months ago...
  4. updated the fixed toolbars docs to include an explanation of the non-…

    scottjehl authored
    …jQM issue described in issue #3869. Documenting this is all we can do. Fixes #3869.
Commits on Apr 3, 2012
  1. John Bender
  2. John Bender

    form docs whitespace

    johnbender authored
  3. John Bender
  4. check the data role to see if it's a header or footer, not the class …

    scottjehl authored
    …from the page sections plugin. This allows for a looser order of calling the page sections and fixedtoolbar plugins on an element, which is a small improvement, and fixes #3875 in the process.
  5. Per a suggestion from @johnbender, this moves a chunk of redundant lo…

    scottjehl authored
    …gic into a private method, for use in the show and hide methods. Along the way, it uses the getScreenHeight method instead of its own to get viewport height.
Commits on Apr 2, 2012
  1. John Bender
  2. Todd Parker

    Button docs heading tweaks

    toddparker authored
    shortened H1's, added H2's
  3. Todd Parker
  4. Todd Parker
  5. Todd Parker

    Adjusted fieldcontain media query to be 450px for sliders for consist…

    toddparker authored
    …ency, made flip switches a bit wider
    MQ breakpoint was 320px which was causing labels to float left at narrow
    widths so changed to 450px to match other elements.
  6. Todd Parker
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