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Commits on Mar 28, 2012
  1. @gseguin
Commits on Mar 27, 2012
  1. added back the "slidefade" transition, which is usually preferable to…

    scottjehl committed
    … "slide", except in cases where a page is short enough that a simultaneous transition sequence won't jump much (which is needed for a regular slide transition). As part of this addition, the keyframes for slidein and slideout are now in their own files, as they are dependencies for these slide transitions
  2. moved the fallback transition check out of the handler and into nav.j…

    scottjehl committed
    …s, where it can properly route to the necessary transition handler before calling it.
  3. reused some code, removed a var

    scottjehl committed
  4. changed default of minScrollBack to 250 - the value still claimed in …

    scottjehl committed
    …the docs. This reverts @toddparker's change in commit a6dc847, as a higher number is needed when reintroducing simultaneous transitions
  5. wrapped and refactored portions of the default transitionHandler func…

    scottjehl committed
    …tion to allow for sequential or simultaneous transitions. The default sequential transition handler for 1.1 should not change at all. Both types are defined as different transition handlers ($.mobile.transitionHandlers.simultaneous and $.mobile.transitionHandlers.sequential), though their logic is shared internally by both to keep overhead low. As was already the case, custom transitions can define a non-default handler by defining a transition handler named the same as the css transition, and referencing one of the existing handlers (or an entirely new one).
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
  1. @Wilto
  2. @Wilto
  3. @Wilto
  4. @jokeyrhyme @Wilto

    fixed quote characters in test description so that they don't need weird

    jokeyrhyme committed with Wilto
    encoding (editing this file in Eclipse on Windows seems to have broken
  5. @jokeyrhyme @Wilto
  6. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #3914 from agcolom/patch-67

    toddparker committed
    Update docs/pages/page-customtransitions.html
Commits on Mar 25, 2012
  1. @agcolom
  2. @gseguin

    Merge pull request #3913 from agcolom/patch-66

    gseguin committed
    Update docs/pages/page-customtransitions.html Fixes #3606
  3. @agcolom
  4. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #3911 from Trott/api-theme-documentation

    toddparker committed
    API theme documentation minor updates
  5. @Trott

    typo fix

    Trott committed
  6. @Trott

    copyedit, typo fixes, etc.

    Trott committed
  7. @Wilto

    Merge pull request #3910 from Trott/api-globalconfig-documentation-fixes

    Wilto committed
    Minor fixes to documentation in api/globalconfig.html
  8. @Trott

    Typo fixes, copyediting, etc.

    Trott committed
  9. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #3909 from Trott/form-documentation-edits

    toddparker committed
    Forms Documentation minor fixes.
  10. @Trott
  11. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #3907 from Trott/documentation-typo-fixes

    toddparker committed
    Typo fixes and some copy-editing for toolbar docs. Thanks @Trott!
  12. @Trott
Commits on Mar 24, 2012
  1. @Wilto

    Merge pull request #3905 from Trott/master

    Wilto committed
    Documentation: Remove obsolete "until 1.0" information
  2. @Trott
  3. @gseguin

    Merge pull request #3904 from Trott/master

    gseguin committed
    Documentation: Minor copyedit for grammar and punctuation
  4. @gseguin

    Merge pull request #3903 from Trott/master

    gseguin committed
    typo fix for multipage template
  5. @Trott
  6. @Trott
  7. @Trott
  8. @gseguin

    Merge pull request #3902 from Trott/master

    gseguin committed
    template typo fix
  9. @Trott
  10. @Trott
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