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Commits on Jan 15, 2013
  1. @johnbender
  2. @toddparker
  3. @gseguin

    Updated copyrights

    gseguin authored
  4. @jaspermdegroot

    Updated copyright.

    jaspermdegroot authored
  5. @agcolom
  6. @jaspermdegroot
  7. @jaspermdegroot
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
  1. @johnbender
  2. @jaspermdegroot
  3. @jaspermdegroot
  4. @jaspermdegroot
  5. @arschmitz
  6. @arschmitz

    support: rename $.support.positionFixedBlacklist to $.support.fixedPo…

    arschmitz authored
    …sition it now returns if position:fixed is not supported.
  7. @arschmitz
  8. @arschmitz
  9. @arschmitz
  10. @jaspermdegroot

    Textinput: Also apply FF workaround for placeholder color to textarea…

    jaspermdegroot authored
    …. Thanks @eug48! Switched to double colon because single colon will be deprecated as from FF 19.
  11. @jaspermdegroot
  12. @jaspermdegroot

    Docs: Leave out the CSS solution to hide fixed toolbars on Android We…

    jaspermdegroot authored
    …bView for now. Have to look into best way to deal with the padding on the page first.
  13. @arschmitz
  14. @jaspermdegroot
  15. @jaspermdegroot
  16. @arschmitz
  17. @jaspermdegroot
  18. @jaspermdegroot
  19. @jaspermdegroot
  20. @jaspermdegroot
  21. @jaspermdegroot
  22. @jaspermdegroot
  23. @arschmitz
  24. @arschmitz
  25. @jaspermdegroot
  26. @jaspermdegroot
  27. @jaspermdegroot
  28. @jaspermdegroot

    Panel: Set panel background on page so we can mask the blinks we see …

    jaspermdegroot authored
    …with "push" so we can reduce 3D-ing. The blinks are caused by redraw of the background of the panel which we can't avoid anyway.
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