Headers/Footers do not display correctly in Safari on the Mac or iPhone/iPad #1047

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ghost commented Feb 10, 2011


  • Displaying fixed headers/footers in Safari for the Mac work properly when initially rendered.
  • When you link to another page and then click to go back, the header and footer render halfway off the page.
  • We've had differing results with Safari for Windows. On one machine it works fine, while on another the rendering of the fixed headers/footers isn't correct.
  • Chrome and Firefox for Windows work fine.
  • Also, the iPhone displays correctly at first, but when you link to another page and use the back button to view the first page again, the fixed header and footer vanish until the page is scrolled.



I'm having this issue as well. Has anyone written a work around, is there a way to trigger a manual reload of the header once the page is loaded?

VNVAndy commented Mar 22, 2011

Yes, having this issue too. Any workarounds or way to refresh so that they appear in the correct position?


scottjehl commented Apr 1, 2011

This was fixed as of yesterday, I think. Please confirm by testing Alpha 4. This links in the footer of this page should verify the fix:


scottjehl closed this Apr 1, 2011

Brons commented Apr 1, 2011

No. This is not fixed yet.

While the demo page you reference works and seems similar to the test code that Matt (he is our QA engineer) linked to under the heading "EXAMPLE" above, our test code still fails. I have updated the page of images to show the full sequence used to test this.

To reproduce this problem, open http://test.eldacur.com/JQM/bug.html in Safari on an iPhone4, iPad, Mac OS X 10.6, or Windows XP. Click on the "bar" link. Return to the first page either by clicking on the "foo" link or hitting the JQM "Back" button. The headers and footers will be positioned wrong. Our results are all shown on the http://test.eldacur.com/JQM/JQM-Fixed-Header-Bug.html page.

ghost reopened this Apr 11, 2011


ghost commented Apr 11, 2011

Reopening issue as it isn't fixed yet. Please note links attached by Brons.

jmck commented Apr 14, 2011

I think I'm also seeing the same issue with my app, but it seems to only be triggered when going to a nested list and go back, it disappears on IOS but isn't actually gone, you can click it items in the navbar if you guess where it is, it just isn't visible. Anyone know of a quick hack to fix it? honestly this makes my app unusable until this can be fixed.

I am seeing the same issue in iOS 4.3 with the alpha 4.

It's rather odd, but I'm only seeing this issue on pages that have only a listview and non-text content in the page.

For example, I have a page with an and a

    listview, I go to the next page, then go back, the footer is gone.

    If either the next page or the first page have other content (e.g.

    Hello world!

    ) the footer bar shows up normally. I'm looking into it now, but I'm not at all familiar with the JQM codebase, so I may not be able to find anything.

I'm not sure what fixed this, but some recent change (last several days) seems to have resolved this issue. I'm no longer seeing any problems.

So thank you to whoever fixed it unknowingly!

(I'm not going to close it since it's possible I was seeing a different issue than the previous comments)

Brons commented May 25, 2011

Whatever unwittingly fixed it for philipkimmey has NOT fixed it for the original submitters.

Brons commented Jun 24, 2011

Beta 1 (and several nightlies leading up to it) fixes this bug. Recommend closing, Matt.

ghost closed this Jun 24, 2011

This issue was closed.

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