Header: Add a class to the H1-H6 to normalize the font size #116

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toddparker commented Oct 7, 2010

So people can use any H level and it will look consistent. Only if an immediate child of the header.


scottjehl commented Oct 9, 2010

mobilize now:

  • applies data-themes appropriately to header,footer,page,and content roles
  • finds first link in header or footer, applies left button class
  • finds second link in header or footer, applies right button class
  • if no left button, a back button is auto added (this can be disabled through $.mobile.addBackBtn)
  • back buttons will not auto-add on the first page visited.
  • all headings h1-6 are given ui-title class for constent styling in header and footer
  • buttons in ui-bar,ui-header,ui-footer now all have consistent sizing and styling

Closed by 29a7dae
Closed by 29a7dae
Closed by 29a7dae
Closed by 29a7dae

This issue was closed.

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