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Hi, i use git clone the latest jquery-mobile, and it does't work, the page not show, so, i use the IE8 internal debuger found that exception in at line 1828 :

//kill the keyboard
$( window.document.activeElement ).add( "input:focus, textarea:focus, select:focus" ).blur();

so, i think comments this line, then try again, well the firt page is visible, but the CPU up to 100%, the system is blocked, i had to kill the IE.

can any one know why ?

PS: under IE8, the site not work, only show the raw html.


sounds like it's not supported. Can you try something like this for us?

   $( document.activeElement || "" ).add( "input:focus, textarea:focus, select:focus" ).blur();



Hi, scottjehl, i try your way, but still not work.
and found that broken at jquery-1.5.2rc1.js line 4039:

filter: {
    PSEUDO: function( elem, match, i, array ) {
        var name = match[1],
            filter = Expr.filters[ name ];

        if ( filter ) {
            return filter( elem, i, match, array );

        } else if ( name === "contains" ) {
            return (elem.textContent || elem.innerText || Sizzle.getText([ elem ]) || "").indexOf(match[3]) >= 0;

        } else if ( name === "not" ) {
            var not = match[3];

            for ( var j = 0, l = not.length; j < l; j++ ) {
                if ( not[j] === elem ) {
                    return false;

            return true;

        } else {
            Sizzle.error( name ); <<============== line 4039

and from the IE internal debugger ,i found the variable name's value is "focus", and from the code , we can see that PSEUDOnot support 'foucs' .

can anyone give help?


activeElement conditional for windows support Closed by 5c37bea

@johnbender johnbender closed this Apr 2, 2011

hi, johnbender thanks much!

i like jqueymobile!



Glad to hear it and thanks for taking the time to submit the issue!

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