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I'm building a PhoneGap app using jQM and found that the $.ajax call inside $.mobile.changePage does not set the dataType to "html." Because of this, webkit loads the page (located at file://some/path//page.html) as a "Document" object rather than just straight up html. jQM expects the response to be an html string rather than a Document object. This causes line 2057 (in jqm 1.0a3) to fail to find the element:

to = all.find('[data-role="page"], [data-role="dialog"]').first();

I'm guessing that we need to set the dataType to always be "html" since $.mobile.changePage will always be retrieving an html page.


I'm guessing this is with alpha 3, right? We just landed a fix for this and a few other PhoneGap issues recently. This will be in alpha 4...coming later this week!

Issue here:

You can test on the latest code here:

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