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Native checkboxes and radio buttons partially visible since A4 #1336

IgitBuh opened this Issue · 14 comments

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It seems that with A4 a visual flaw came up for checkboxes and radio buttons that are now partially visible behind the actual overlayed control elements. I'm quite sure it doesn't affect all platforms, but at least it does affect Firefox 4.0.

Please compare A3 in Firefox 4.0 (where everything looks fine):

to A4 (where the checkboxes at "Font styling" and radio buttons at "Layout view" are visible):

If you for some reason can't reproduce the problem, please let me know. I'll provide a screenshot to show what I mean.


This is this desktop Firefox 4, right?


Yes, the ordinary desktop version.
I know, it's jQuery mobile, but I guess the goal is to support dektop browsers as well.
This issue isn't present in bada (1.2) nor in Opera Mini. Haven't tested with other platforms, yet.

@IgitBuh IgitBuh closed this

Sure, we'll take a look. Out of curiosity how does A4 look on Bada? We don't have a test device so that platform is a bit of a mystery.


Moved all comments about bada to #1353


We welcome your help in flagging issues and proposing patches. Thanks. Would you mind creating an issue for #2 along with screenshots an, ideally, info on what code you think is tripping it up. #1 falls into area that we're re-factoring now and may still be slow if your device is underpowered. #3 may be a recent regression on many platforms.

@toddparker toddparker reopened this

I just re-opened. People accidentally close issues all the time when they comment.


IJay - Re: #3, I think we had a regression on the page scroll position in A4 so maybe that's the issue here - can you compare with A3 and comment in #1353? The overall smoothness and sequence of transitions is under heavy revision right now for beta so hopefully what you're seeing will improve then. We'll have you test it.

Could you do me a favor and make sure all the Bada info from your comment here is copied over to the new #1353 ticket, then delete your comments here to keep this ticket about FF.


Interesting, I was able to reproduce this bug in Firefox 4 on Windows at my workplace earlier today, but can't reproduce this in Firefox 4 on Mac at home now (neither on Firefox 4 nor Firefox Aurora). A Windows-only issue?

@gseguin gseguin was assigned

I just checked the radios and checks in FF 5/Mac and things look good so I'm closing as fixed.

@toddparker toddparker closed this

Uhm ... no?
Why do you close this one having checked on Mac only? As Marcoos wrote the problem doesn't seem to be present in FF on a Mac, but it's there on a Windows.
Here's a screenshot of the problem in FF6 on Win7 with jQM v1.0b3:

@gseguin gseguin reopened this
@scottjehl scottjehl was assigned

Bah, thanks IJay, missed that. We're going to look into this today because IE and WP also have alignment issues.


Just landed a fix for this:

Closing, but please let me know if you see issues.

@toddparker toddparker closed this

Just had a look at and it looks fine there. Good job. :)


Just tested change on 1.0rc1 and now my layout looks different.
I have two radiobuttons inside a container that has a "text-align: center;" style. Because of new float property the radio buttons are now aligned to the left (instead of centered within container).
I guess I can find a solution around this, but that code change was not completely backward compatible.

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