Problems with back button in 1.0a4 #1343

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dwc commented Apr 1, 2011

Alpha 4 appears to have a problem with the back button where it does not return you to the correct page. I only see the problem on A-grade devices (including the iPhone Simulator and Android emulator targeting 2.2), not in desktop Safari.

To reproduce:

  1. Load in iPhone Simulator.
  2. Click on "Pages & dialogs".
  3. Click on "Anatomy of a page".
  4. Click on the back button.

This set of steps should return you to the "Anatomy of a page" screen, but it returns you to the main docs page.

The alpha 3 docs don't have this problem.


I just tried this on an iPhone 4 (4.2) and Moto Droid (2.2) and the navigation works correct with both the OS back button and the toolbar back button. Can you try to reproduce on a device? Might be an emulator issue.

dwc commented Apr 4, 2011

I reproduced it on a Nexus One (Android 2.3.3) using the following:

  1. Visit (short link: on device.
  2. Click on "One".
  3. Click on "B".
  4. Click on the toolbar back button to return to "One".
  5. Click on the toolbar back button to return to "Home".
  6. Click on "One".

At this point, jQuery Mobile appears to receive another tap on the "A" list item. It tries to load the page but fails.

I could not reproduce the issue on an iPhone 3GS (iOS 4.2.1).

jblas commented Apr 4, 2011

I checked in a fix for this see issue 1331:


for details.

@jblas jblas closed this Apr 4, 2011
dwc commented Apr 5, 2011

Thanks! I'm not seeing the issue anymore as of d43bbfc.

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