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ghost commented Apr 19, 2011

I have a list that contains roughly 200 items and I noticed that after upgrading from 1.0a3 to 1.0a4.1 that the list sorting feature causes Safari in iOS to hang for several seconds. After the sorting is "done" the actual list is never updated and all of the original items are still shown. I removed the new code from 1.0a4.1 and replaced it with the older code from 1.0a3 and everything is working again.

On Android, the delay isn't nearly as bad but is slightly longer in 1.0a4.1. The big difference is that the list still sorts properly.

The phones used were an iPhone 4 with latest version of iOS and a Nexus One with Android 2.3.

First time posting a bug report so I'm hoping I'm giving adequate information.

nsaleh commented Apr 20, 2011

Wwhen you say sorting, do you mean filtering out? I optimized the filter as I had performance issues with this you might want to try this for you


ghost commented Apr 20, 2011

I do mean filtering. For some reason I was having a brain fart yesterday and mixing the two terms constantly. Thank you for the link; I'll take a look and see if that improves performance even more.

I appreciate the help.

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