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Feature Request: Slider Change Event #1589

tenor opened this Issue · 23 comments

12 participants

Sunny Ahuwanya Todd Parker Alex Günsche Hannes Mike Woods Alexander Gabriel vpxavier Matt Burns John Reeves John Bender Ghislain Seguin Jason Scott
Sunny Ahuwanya

Can we have a change event for the slider control?

This feature will help creation of much better interactive pages.

Something like:

$('input').slider({change: function});

will be nice, and should respond to tap, slide and manual editing of the slider value in the adjacent textbox.

I used the hack available at It worked on the version prior to JQM 1.0a4.1, but it doesn't work anymore.


Todd Parker

This really should be part of the widget, we'll try to land this for 1.0

Todd Parker

Just a note that this should be for slider and the flip switch which is also based on the slider.

Ghislain Seguin gseguin was assigned
John Bender johnbender was assigned
Alex Günsche

In jQM 1.0-beta3, the slider does provide a "change" event, at least indirectly, as the updated text input fires the event. But, in order to execute AJAX requests when the slider is used, it would be nice to have some sort of "sliderReleased" event. Because, if using the "change" event while the slider is moved, there would be very many AJAX requests; one for each step made on the slider.

One could use mouseup or vmouseup on $('.ui-slider-handle') for this. But currently, vmouseup doesn't work at all, and mouseup only works if the mouse is released while above the slider handle.



This is working pretty fine for me:

Alex Günsche

This does work on the flip switch, but on the "real" slider, it has got the same problem as my solution: When you release the button while the mouse is not above the handle, the event will not fire.

Mike Woods

To fix that, I think I bound functions to the blur and focus of the slider in question. What makes this even more tricky is that there is no way to identify the .ui-slider that is associated with a specific slider. I used the code below as a hack. But I couldn't figure out how to associate a .ui-slider with a JQM slider.

$('.ui-slider').live('mousedown', function(){$('#volumeSlider').trigger('start');});
$('.ui-slider').live('touchstart', function(){$('#volumeSlider').trigger('start');});
$('.ui-slider').live('mouseup', function(){$('#volumeSlider').trigger('stop');});
$('.ui-slider').live('touchend', function(){$('#volumeSlider').trigger('stop');});
Todd Parker

Change event is now in and working correctly:


Todd Parker toddparker closed this
Alexander Gabriel

I am using the change event to automatically save changes in data without having to click save.
Unfortunately when the slider is moved it fires a change event for every step. So if you move the slider from 0 to 100 that's 100 events in no time. This blows my saving and results in data conflicts. I am using jQuery mobile 1.0.

Todd Parker
Alexander Gabriel
Alex Günsche

@toddparker: A dedicated event for the slider, e.g. “sliderRelease” would be very helpful. Using a timeout would be a wrong solution.

Just think of the real-world scenario: You want to fire an AJAX request as soon as someone releases the slider. If you use a timeout, there would always be a delay. The onChange event, however, would fire for each step on the slider's scale.

Alexander Gabriel

+1 for the dedicated event
still need to know how to identify the specific slider in a change event

Todd Parker
Alex Günsche

Done, added an entry in the slider section of the Feature Requests page.


I do also absolutely need this functionality.
This is required in order to dispatch one and only one event when the slider has been changed.
I need it in forms (to submit) but also to update other displayed values when the slider's value has been changed.
Thanks for your good work.


Could this issue be reopened?
A sliderReleased event would be great...

Matt Burns

+1 for the dedicated sliderReleased event.

Todd Parker toddparker reopened this
Todd Parker

We'll take a look at this for 1.2


Thank you SO much for taking care of this...

Alexander Gabriel

looking forward to it
thanks, guys!

Jason Scott jasondscott was assigned
John Reeves

Those looking for a temporary patch for jQuery Mobile 1.1 can drop the following code into your applications' initialization routine. It will modify all jQuery Mobile Slider controls to dispatch a start and stop event as expected:

    "mousedown touchstart": function () {
    "mouseup touchend": function () {
}, ".ui-slider");
John Bender johnbender was assigned
John Bender



Let me know if that works for you.

John Bender

Closing with the addition of the docs, please post here if what we've put in place doesn't work for you.

John Bender johnbender closed this
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