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kurzweg commented May 23, 2011

When you open a muliple-select dialog which doesn't fit to the screen, make some selections, close the dialog and open it again it will not open in a fullscreen dialog. However if you close the none fullscreen dialog again an open the dialog field once more you will again have the fullscreen dialog. Going on it will alwas change between fullscreen and none-fullscreen dialog.

tested in mobile safari (iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS), safari, chrome and firefox

to recreate:

  1. go to -> 'Choose state(s):'
  2. select some states (opens fullscreen)
  3. close the (fullscreen) dialog
  4. reopen the dialog (it will now be a regular one)
  5. close the (regular dialog)
  6. open again (it will once more be fullscreen)
  7. see 3.

Please submit detailed information on how to reproduce the issue, a demo test page on JS Bin using the latest build, and info on what browser/platform you're seeing an issue. Thanks.

kurzweg commented May 23, 2011

sorry didn't expected someone to answer that quickly so i saved by and by :)


Heh. Not normally that fast, but we try to respond quickly. Thanks for the details!

marcoos commented May 24, 2011

After reading kurzweg's description, I think it's related to #1626 (or probably even the same issue).

@pauln pauln added a commit to pauln/jquery-mobile that referenced this issue Jun 1, 2011
@pauln pauln Call close() function when clicking close button on dialog for select…
…s with menuType="page" rather than falling back to default click handler's window.history.back() call. This fixes issue #1692
@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that closed this issue Jul 11, 2011
scottjehl abstracted out some of the page hide behavior to fix issues with the …
…close button not returning focus to the button after closing. Also fixes an issue where a full page custom menu would open as a misplaced small custom menu the second time it opens (if the menu was closed via the custom close button). Fixes #1618. Fixes #1692. Fixes #1750.
@scottjehl scottjehl closed this in ada4673 Jul 11, 2011
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