Listview filter is not themable #1790

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swanson commented Jun 6, 2011

The search filter for listviews has a hard-coded theme set and cannot be changed, ideally it should inherit the theme for the listview if possible; if not at least make this an option like data-filter-theme="a"


@swanson where are you seeing the hard coded list filter theme? Are you using the latest nightlies? See

swanson commented Jun 6, 2011

jQuery Mobile v1.0a4.1

The <form> always gets set to ui-bar-c regardless of how the listview or page is themed.

It appears to be there in the 20110605 nightly as well. Just search for "ui-listview-filter ui-bar-c"


Ah! Right you are. I swear I searched for that.

In my opinion this is a bug with a good chance of eventual remediation.


Yeah, we'll take a look at adding this at some point. It should be themable.

swanson commented Jun 7, 2011

@StevenBlack @toddparker thanks guys, I've just patched my local version to use the desired theme for the moment. If I get around to it, I'll try my hand at fixing it and send a pull request.


I added pull request 1837 to correct this issue.

@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that closed this issue Jun 17, 2011
scottjehl added list filterTheme option. Available as data attribute data-filte…
…r-theme on listviews with filters enabled. Fixes #1790 - List view filter can not be themed.

Thanks for the idea @adamvaughan! Docs update coming next.
@scottjehl scottjehl closed this in d2a6397 Jun 17, 2011
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