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$(select).selectmenu('disable') causes issues on iOS for native selects #1816

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On iOS, I've found that native select menus disabled with .selectmenu('disable') are still opened, and can cause some odd behavior on the device. Once opened, the native menu cannot be closed unless the browser is killed or the user refreshes/leaves the page.

The issue, oddly enough, appears to be caused by setting the following style

.ui-disabled a {
    cursor: default !important;

I was able to verify this using the latest jQuery mobile, on both iPad, iPhone and the emulators for both. Please let me know if you have any issues replicating the issue, or would like me to provide an example. As the majority of the devices supported don't show a cursor, I'd assume the fix would just be to remove, or modify this style so it does not apply to select menus. I would also assume there's an underlying iOS issue here.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Interesting. Could you post up a JSBin demo page with this demo? We'll take a look.


Of course.

Also, here are screenshots of the emulators

I think this may be iOS version dependent, definitely an issue in iOS 4...but possibly not in 3. Needs more research

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Woops...They really need to move that comment and close button

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@gseguin gseguin Fix for issue #1816: $(select).selectmenu('disable') causes issues on…
… iOS for native selects

Landed @gseguin's fix:


Thank you @gseguin!

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Just as a follow-up, I no longer have this issue on latest. Thanks guys!



Thanks for the follow-up confirmation!

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