Multiple taps on a button executes multiple times (iPhone) #1946

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Beta 1, iPhone only (browser works fine).

Go to with an iPhone (I used an iPhone 4 - may also do it on other touchscreen platforms)

Tap on the button rapidly several times

Dialog box comes up, tap OK to close

Next instance of dialog box comes up

I would expect that only one tap would be processed. I even use event.stopPropagation().

Is this a bug? If you rapidly click in a browser, it only takes the first one.

View source (of course) to see the code.



This is now fixed in master, we switched back to using click for links.

@toddparker toddparker closed this Jun 30, 2011

I'm sorry, but is Master the actual download of the beta, or the nightly build?



Its the nightly build. You can use to test

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