Change in graceful degradation between 1.0a4.1 and 1.0b1? #1989

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I have a BlackBerry 9650. In 1.0a4.1 the page would automatically get degraded to plain html. Starting with 1.0b1 all I get is a blank page. If I change the browser user agent to be "Firefox" I'm back to plain html.

Maybe this is browser detection bug? jquery also changed from 1.5.2 to 1.6.1.


scottjehl commented Jun 29, 2011

Hmm that's an odd one. We're not doing any navigator.userAgent detection in jQuery Mobile... I wonder what else changes when you change that setting... Do you know which BlackBerry version that's running?


jblas commented Jun 29, 2011

I think this is the same problem @adambiggs had. We've since fixed it.


@captmorgan let us know if the solution for that issue fixes things for you.

I tried the nightly jquery mobile build (20110628) and I still get a blank page. But if I reduce the number of items in the list to a smaller number then it displays the styled version. About 30 items seems to be the limit. Much better looking than plain html but it is odd behavior.

Rolling back to jquery 1.5.2 I see plain html no matter what the list size is.

This is on a BlackBerry9650


toddparker commented Jul 7, 2011

Odd, so changing back to an earlier version of jQuery core fixes the blank page? Too bad 1.6.x is our baseline.

The BlackBerry 9650 is a crappy browser. Hopefully my work pulls the plug on it soon.

communiq commented Aug 2, 2011

So, I have the same issue and found that if I removed original code enhancing one by one from file in _create method and I see that my page is works good, but without enhancing few parts that I have been cut. Even, if I reduce count of elements on my page, that can be enhanced - this works too, but I see that BB5 is very sensitive for JQuery engine for finding elements.
So, I see that the source of our issue for BB5 devices is in hard enhancing engine that eats much resources... So, how we can solve this one?


jaspermdegroot commented Sep 15, 2012

As from 1.2 BB5 will be C grade if used with jQuery core 1.8+. See the note here
With core 1.7.1 or 1.7.2 BB5 will still be B grade.
Both have been tested and working as expected, so I am closing this issue.

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